We Are Offering CAMSHAFT BERGEN KRG 8 With All Type Of Technical Inspection, Also We Can Offer All Major Spare Parts For BERGEN KRG 8 Like Cylinder HeadConnecting RodCylinder Liner •Bed Plate • Piston • Piston PinCam Shaft • Lub Oil PumpOil Cooler • After Cooler • TurbochargerFuel PumpFlywheel • GovernorCrankshaftCylinder Block Etc.

Type KRG 8
Output 1260 Kw
Speed Of Crankshaft 720 Rpm
 Number OF Cylinder 8

We Have Well Equipped Workshop And Stock Yard located Near To Alang Ship Breaking Yard There We have All Type Of Technical Testing Facility Like Sandblast Cleaning – Calibration – Measurement – Ultrasonic Thickness Check – MPI Crack Detection – Hardness Testing – Bending & Trueness Check And Many More

We Provide In House Inspection Facility For Class Approval & Third Party Inspection Of Any Spare Parts As Per Customer Requirements

“If You Cannot Find Spares Which Are No Longer In Production By Manufacturer So Please Contact Us We Have Very Well Setup For Reconditioned Quality Spare Parts From Demolished Ship”

BERGEN Is One Of The Leading Manufacturers Of Diesel, Heavy Fuel, Gas And Dual Fuel Engines For All Type Of Ships And Industry. BERGEN Provides Advance Technology Engines and Spare Parts for Care of Your Vessels and Industry the BERGEN product line offers Main Engine & generator sets which capable of running on economical Heavy Fuel Oil.

When ordering the spare parts mention correct part numbers are most important with which we are able to avoid possible errors in dealing with your inquire as well as an order placed by you, And at the same time, Our Quicker response to you will be made possible since we can save much time taken sometimes for us to research into the identification of some engine parts required. But not clear to us owing to nothing of part numbers or item number being described.

SKYLINE Ships delivers 24 x 7 from an extensive stock of spare parts, These include new and reconditioned spare parts, we can supply all required maintenance parts and major parts like Cylinder Head – Connecting Rod – Cylinder Liner – Bed Plate – Piston – Piston Pin – Cam Shaft – Lub Oil Pump – Oil Cooler – After Cooler – Turbocharger – Fuel Pump – Flywheel – Governor – Governor Speed Adjusting Motor – Crankshaft – Cylinder Block – Short Block Etc.

We can provide bergen/ bergen krg 3/ bergen krg 5 /bergen krg 6 / bergen krg 8 / bergen krg 9 engine and all major spare parts like cylinder head  / fuel oil system  / cylinder liner  / piston  / connecting rod  / crankshaft  / lub oil pump / charge air cooler / exhaust system

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